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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this summer be amazing? Yes!

Welcome to our FAQ page for international staff at Camp Ramaquois! Here, you can find answers to many common questions that international staff members may have about working at Camp Ramaquois. We encourage you to browse through this page to learn more about our policies and procedures, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

How will I know what to expect this summer?

There are lots of resources to help you prepare for the summer. This FAQ list has the answers to a lot of questions. However, this is an adventure, and unexpected things will happen! Trust that this experience will be exciting and meaningful for you. Embrace the journey!

What are the visa requirements for working at Camp Ramaquois as an international staff member?

International staff are required to have a J-1 Visa to work at Camp Ramaquois. There are staffing companies that will help you through the process. We are happy to guide you in the right direction.

How do I get to Camp Ramaquois location from the airport?

Ramaquois will send a vehicle to the airport upon your arrival. When the summer approaches, you should let us know when you plan to arrive so we can pick you up!

Will Camp Ramaquois provide housing for international staff members?

Yes! We have housing accomodations that we are happy to make available to you.

What is the dress code for staff at Camp Ramaquois?

Staff are required to wear a Ramaquois Staff shirt each day to camp. We will provide your camp uniform when you arrive.

What is the daily schedule for staff at Camp Ramaquois?

The camp bus will pick you up around 7:45 AM - 8:00 AM. International staff will participate in camp activites from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. The camp bus will bring you home and drop you off around 5:00 - 5:30 PM. This daily schedule happens Monday through Friday during the summer when camp is in session.

What type of training and orientation will be provided for new staff members?

Camp Ramaquois trains all of our staff each year. You will be included in the trainings and orientations.

Will I be responsible for leading activities or will I have a specific role within Camp Ramaquois?

We have many positions available at camp during the summer. When you schedule your interview, we will be happy to discuss where your skills and hobbies can best be integrated into camp.

Are there any specific health and safety protocols that I need to be aware of as an international staff member?

The Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine is required by our local Department of Health. You’ll need to show evidence of this vaccination (you likely got two shots when you were four years old or younger). As of now, the COVID-19 vaccines are not required to work at camp or to travel to America, but it is always possible that this policy could change, so we do recommend the vaccine and all available boosters.

Will I have any time off during the summer to explore the local area or travel?

Yes! You will have evenings and weekends off. When you have completed all of your trainings and camp is not in session, you are off the clock and can explore and travel.

What are some documents that I need to provide to camp?

We will need your cell phone number, your passport number, a photo, a medical form, vaccination history, and some tax documents. We will tell you how to submit this information during the onboarding process.

What should I pack?

This is up to you, but the weather in New York is typically warm, but there will be some rainy and chilly days. Ramaquois does have an end-of-season staff party that is somewhat fancy. If you forget anything, you will be able to buy anything you need in America (so don’t panic if you forget something!) It is a good idea to keep any important documents, medications, a change of clothes, and all valuables in your carry-on luggage just in case your checked bag is delayed.

What are the arrival and departure dates?

Generally speaking, we ask that international staff arrive on or around June 14th. The last day of camp is normally around the week of August 13th. Your visa may allow you to stay in the United States for an additional month if you would like to travel.

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