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Videographers are responsible for capturing and creating visual content that accurately represents the camp’s activities, events, and atmosphere. This may include filming and editing videos of campers participating in various activities, such as sports, arts and crafts, and outdoor adventures. The videographer should be able to work collaboratively to identify key moments and events to document and create a cohesive visual story of the camp experience.

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  • Collaborating with the camp staff to plan and execute video projects that align with the camp’s goals and objectives
  • Capturing high-quality video footage of camp activities, events, and atmosphere using a variety of cameras and equipment
  • Setting up and operating cameras, and other technical equipment as needed
  • Edit video footage using video editing software to create cohesive and compelling visual stories
  • Maintain and organize all video equipment, including cleaning and repairing equipment as needed
  • Attend meetings and participate in planning sessions to stay informed about camp events and activities
  • Adhere to all camp rules and policies, including those related to safety and confidentiality
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