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Softball Counselor - Camp Ramaquois

The Softball Counselor at Camp Ramaquois is responsible for leading and organizing softball activities for children in a summer day camp setting. The counselor will create and implement drills and games that are engaging and educational, and will provide supervision and guidance to the children as they practice and play.

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  • Plan and lead softball activities for children at Camp Ramaquois, including drills and games.
  • Assist children with improving their softball skills, providing guidance and support as needed.
  • Maintain a safe and organized softball area at Camp Ramaquois
  • Supervise and manage the behavior of children during softball activities


  • Experience playing and/or coaching softball
  • Strong communication skills and ability to lead groups
  • Ability to adapt to changing situations and be flexible in approach to working with children
  • Patient and understanding, with the ability to manage and redirect behavior as needed
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