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Staff love working here

Working at Camp Ramaquois has been an incredible experience for me. I’ve been able to help shape the lives of young campers and be a positive role model for them. I’ve also had the chance to develop my own leadership skills and build meaningful relationships with my fellow counselors. The best part of all is the sense of community and belonging that comes from being part of a camp family. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work at Camp Ramaquois and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and rewarding summer job!

James T, Group Counselor

I’ve been a counselor at Camp Ramaquois for the past three summers, and it’s been an amazing experience. The campers are so much fun to work with, and I’ve loved watching them grow and develop over the course of the summer. The other counselors and staff members are like a second family to me, and I’ve made some really close friends during my time at camp. Plus, the activities and events we do at camp are so much fun – there’s never a dull moment!

Stephanie S, Group Leader

I started working at Camp Ramaquois as a counselor a few years ago, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The campers are awesome, and I love being able to help them learn new skills and make great memories. The other staff members are also fantastic – they’re supportive, fun, and always there to help out. I’ve also had the chance to take on new responsibilities and leadership roles at camp, which has been really rewarding. Overall, working at Camp Ramaquois has been an amazing experience. It is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a fun and fulfilling summer job.

Nick S, Outdoor Specialist

Our day started at 8:30 ran to about 4:00, and there were days where I would go to different outside activities such as horseback riding and stay with the kids just in case something happened. But most of the time I would be at bumps and bruises to aid a child when the have a minor scrape or bump. Management was absolutely amazing. If I or any one had an issue they wouldn’t hesitate to fit it same day or next if it was end of day. There was no hard part just have fun.

Teresa, Camp Nurse

A typical day at camp began at line up where the whole camp meets each morning. Campers attend different activities that are fun and interactive. There is also lunch for campers and counselors as well as a snack time for the youngest campers at the end of the camp day. The camp had fun events that were hosted for campers to enjoy throughout the summer. Every summer the camp would host special events like a water carnival, and even a snow day for the campers to participate in.

Linda S, Group Leader

Working at Ramaquois as a counselor was fantastic! I loved working every day with fantastic staff and great children, and everyone working there had the goal to make the children’s summer unforgettable! The management is friendly and supportive and will always try their best to help with anything while managing the camp. This job is perfect for high schoolers in need of a summer job, or anyone who has a free summer and wants an enjoyable position.

George M, Boys Side Counselor

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VERY fun and rewarding experience, facilities are extremely impressive and administrative staff are understanding and easy to get along with. Wish I could work there forever!

James L, Group Counselor

It was a fun job that allowed me to work outside and stay in shape. It was always fun interacting with the campers and to see some of them go from being terrified of something like the zipline, to being the one running to the head of the line to go first.

Hailey Z, Activity Specialist

5 out of 5 stars! Pros: Everything!! Great people, great atmosphere, great bosses that truly care about their staff!

Samantha P, Group Counselor

My day starts early on Summer mornings. I pick up youth from their location (in a camp provided and certified bus) and ensure that they arrive safely. I am a field specialist for the camp, and my duties begin as soon as all campers arrive in their appropriate groups. Activities are arranged by a 8 day cycle (to give each camper an opportunity to participate in a different activity daily). My duties are to interact and teach youth the fundamentals of various sports. I’ve learned to be patient with children and always be enthused (especially in the morning dealing with different attitudes. It was important that their day started off right during the bus ride to camp). The management and organization of the camp were effective and easy to work with. My co-workers were always enthused, and, me being one of the youngest in my position, offered words of wisdom. The hardest part of the camp was dealing with inventory and making sure each area was well equipped for daily activities.

Remy H, Field Specialist

Camp Ramaquois has been the summer home for my family for over 20 years! My 3 children, all grown, enjoyed Camp Ramaquois from when they were small children until they were counselors and I still work there!! When I think of Ramaquois, it always puts a smile on my face! Camp Ramaquois is a wonderful camp for the youngest of campers right up to the oldest of campers. There is something for everyone and it is a camp that the children can grow up with. When my boys got older, they loved playing softball on the Bunt & Steal League and they also loved playing hockey. There is also a great sports league for girls. Ramaquois offers so many great daily activities in crafts, gymnastics, boating…I can go on and on. I personally work with younger girls in Jr Camp. It is such a wonderful, nurturing community. As counselors, we really try to focus on the needs of each individual camper. We build self esteem and confidence and the children make life long friends that they grow up with at camp. My favorite thing is to see my campers grow year to year and how they still remember songs that they sang when they were in my group! Hands down, I think that Camp Ramaquios is the best choice if you are looking for a day camp!

Jamie S, Group Counselor

I wanted to take a moment to mention that if you are considering summer camp employment, you will not feel more appreciated and supported anywhere else! The directors, Jared and Phil, as well as the specific area supervisors (called Family Heads - because each area of staff is like a little family!) are always there for you. Any questions, needs, or concerns are always immediately addressed, which is a result of how well run and organized this tremendous operation is! Not to mention, you can always count on some spirited encouragement and appreciation every day! It really is a pleasure to work for Ramaquois during the summer, and just like the campers, the staff also feel like the summers go by way too quick… but I guess that is what happens when work feels like fun!!

Brian S, Activity Leader

5 out of 5! Pros: Two free AWESOME staff parties; Free lunches; The ability to change a child’s life; The camp management is willing to take the time to give the staff meaningful life lessons; Everyone at Ramaquois is so nice and willing to help you out if you do a good job!

Hudson C, Group Leader

I worked at Camp Ramaquois this past summer along with my son whom attended the camp this past summer, and he is registered to attend next summer. Camp Ramaquois is a very unique camp where you feel like family rather than a generic camp chain. My child gained more confidence in the pool, and he made new friends. My child was well taken care of by staff, and also kept safe.

Anthony M, Staff Member and Camp Parent

The campgrounds are immaculate and very well kept, the special events that are put on throughout the summer are exciting and fun, and the wide variety of activities that has something for every camper. The thing that really stands out the most to me is the staff. Everyone I have encountered, from the counselors to the administration and other staff are really incredible.

Penelope T, Division Leader

Having spent the last 11 years with Camp Ramaquois split as a camper and counselor, it has truly become my summer home. With a caring and passionate staff, campers consistently look back at their summer with memories that bring them back for the following year. The motto around camp is “we wait 10 months for 2” and nothing could be truer for the staff and campers who return every year. Each summer at Ramaquois brings new friends, learned athletic/artistic skills, and exciting experiences with the Adventure Trip program. I would recommend Camp Ramaquois to any parent looking to send their child to camp this upcoming year. I hope one day to do the same.

Justin S, Group Counselor

Camp Ramaquois is a wonderful place for children. It is a well rounded camp with nurturing and attentive staff. I spent 11 years there as a camper and several more as a counselor. I made life long friends and have the most amazing childhood memories. There was no question Camp Ramaquois would be where my children’s summer home would be. In the three summers my daughter has spent at Ramaquois she has already made lasting memories and has developed wonderful friendships. In addition she has developed more confidence and become an excellent swimmer. I can not wait for my son to join her this summer.”

Tara L, Group Counselor

I worked here as a camp counselor the summer before I started college back in 2015. I had an amazing experience and met some amazing people there, some whom I am still friends with to this day. The traditions they have at Camp Ramaquois are unlike any other camp and if you are looking for a place to send your kids for the summer then I definitely recommend here. I never ended up working at Camp Ramaquois again, despite being asked to come back, solely because I started to receive internships and pursuing them. Now I am coming close to the end of my time in college but will never forget that summer of 2015 as a camp counselor at Camp Ramaquois before I started college.

Samuel S, Group Counselor

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Camp Ramaquois is my “special place,” and has been for the last 30 years of my life. I am proud to say I was a camper, counselor, administrator, and am now about to become a Ramaquois parent for the first time. The fact that my son will be starting his “Ramaquois career,” brings the biggest smile to my face. Ramaquois is spectacular in all areas: staff, administration, facilities, communication, food, programming, community, teaching, creativity, and so much more. There is a strong emphasis on tradition which elicits a community where kids of all ages can grow, learn, and stay year after year. Being a part of the Ramaquois Family has so much to offer everyone, and is an experience that shouldn’t be missed!

Lindsay F, Division Leader

Working at Camp Ramaquois has been an incredible experience for me. The supportive and nurturing environment has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I have had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and take on new responsibilities. The staff at Camp Ramaquois are all dedicated and passionate about creating a positive and memorable experience for every camper. Being able to work with and learn from individuals of different backgrounds and experiences has been incredibly enriching. I am grateful to have been a part of the Camp Ramaquois community and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to grow as a leader and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Gwen D. Specialist

Camp Ramaquois holds such a special place in my heart. My Ramaquois journey started nearly 30 years ago when after years of sleep away camp, I needed to find a new place to call home. I became a counselor and had some of the best summers of my life. I met life long friends and can truly say that Ramaquois is truly, as their slogan suggests, a day camp as complete as a sleep away camp. Fast forward and now I have a child in Ramaquois and it is everything that I remember and so so much more. The team does an amazing job of making every day the best day ever. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the smile on my child’s face when he comes off the bus and he immediately tells me every amazing thing that he has done that day. I only wish I could be his age again and go back!

Jeffrey L, Group Counselor

Camp Ramaquois has been my home away from home for almost 11 years. This camp is the happiest place on earth. You really create a strong bond between friends and counselors that last will probably last a lifetime. The camp is well taken care of and everyone wants to make you feel happy and secure there. The food there is amazing to go along with it!! The activities are so fun and creative. You will learn valuable skills like swimming and sportsmanship. So if your thinking of going to this camp I really do think it’s a great choice!!

Hannah L, Counselor

Ramaquois has been my summer home for 18 years now, starting as a young camper and now as a staff member. As a camper, I created friendships that have lasted a lifetime. As a staff member, I have been mentored, supported and have had the opportunity to give back to my camp community. To this day, I consider members on their leadership team as personal role models. Ramaquois continues to provide me with a summer home where I am able to grow, develop and thrive. Thanks to my experiences at Ramaquouis, I have found my passion in helping others and have made sure to create a career path that ensures I get spend every summer at camp!

Richard D, Office

I have been involved in camping for 36 years. I was a camper, a counselor, a group head, an athletic director, an assistant director, and now a camp owner and director. I have never witnessed anything as great as Camp Ramaquois. It is as close to perfection as can be. They work as hard as any place in the world at researching, preparing, and executing their plan.

Courtney Y, Office

I’m so lucky to have shared many years at Camp Ramaquois as a camper, counselor, and full time staff member. From the facilities to the programming to the amazing staff - I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Ramaquois is a wonderful community that I would recommend to anyone looking for a unique summer experience.

Stefanie M, Activity Leader

This place was truly life changing for me. I intended to work there as a counselor for one summer and end up staying for SEVEN. The support and knowledge from management made it so easy for me to give the campers the best summers ever. I could go on and on about how great Ramaquois is but it’s one of those places I needs to be experienced.

Ash S, Group Counselor

There is no other place in the world that I would rather spend my summers. Being a counselor at Camp Ramaquois for the past six years has given me some of my best friends as well as the chance to be able to grow as a leader and mentor for children

Aliza B, Group Counselor

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